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Current Gear Alert Requests

Product NameCategoryQty NeededDesired Price per UnitNotesShips ToNeed-By Date
QM115 Floor MonitoStage & Studio Monitors4$100.00Europe7/1/2023
Pro 9200 Power AmplifierAmplifiers1$1,000.00Looking to spend between $100-$1200.Canada6/3/2023

If You Are A Buyer

Here's how to Request the item(s) you are looking for...

01Click Request Item: (login or register)
02Find Product
03Enter Request details: Quantity, Need by Date, Price, Select Ships to Region, Provide Phone #
04Submit Request.
    Suggestions will soon be on the way. When a seller responds to the request, you will receive an email notification.

If You Are A Seller

Here's how to Suggest you have the item(s) for sale...

01Click Suggest (you will have to login-in)
02To suggest a matching item, you can either:
aSelect the match from your existing listings that will display
bCreate a new listing that matches the buyer's request
03Click submit, and once the buyer approves, an order will be placed and prceed as normal.

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