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Cancel and suppress electromagnetic noise radiation from your production system with EMGUARDE.

You can’t hide from the EM waves around you but it’s ok, we got you covered.

  • Health and safety for the Staff and participants.
  • Shield sensitive equipment from any external Electromagnetic interference.
  • Does not affect Bluetooth or Radio frequencies.
  • Especially good for conferences when there are Simultaneous Interpretation devices used.

Your Environment Harmoniser

Harmonising targeted high frequency electromagnetic noise radiation up to 1 GHz

8 Meters of Defence

Designed to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic noise radiation emitted from devices all around you.

Frequently Ask Questions


• ITEX 2010 (International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition) – Computer Radiation Reducer.

• iCAN 2016 (International Invention Innovation Competition in CANADA) – Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation from Electrical Appliance

• IIIC 2017 (International Innovation and Invention Competition) 2017 – Remote distance able to speed up Microcirculation Blood Flow

Clinical Trials:

• USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) 2020 – The Protective Impact of Wireless Anti-Radiation Device towards Animal’s Blood Circulation, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

• Taiwan 2020 Ophthalmology & Medical Aesthetic Center’s clinical test report on eye ball microcirculation blood flow

Safety Certification:

• SGS Reference No. for FCC VTMHY2304000668YEA/2023

• SGS Reference No. for CE VTMHY2304000667YEA/2023

Intellectual Property:

• MyIPO 2022: Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

Yes, emGuarde is a patented technology, myIPO patent no. (MY-192775-A)

• emGuarde is built to suppress high frequency em radiation between 3MHz to 1000MHz. The developer of emGuarde is stating the effective frequency bandwidth.

• Through the suppression of high frequency em radiation, emGuarde can help improve microcirculation blood flow.

• emGuarde uses the Harmonics frequencies to suppress the high frequency electromagnetic noise radiations all around us.

• Harmonics frequencies also known as (cancellation frequencies) have opposing amplitudes to their corresponding radiation frequencies in the air, they suppress each other or cancel each other out altogether.

• emGuarde’s technology is breaking the pathway of frequencies between 3 MHz to 1000 MHz. Hence, reducing the high frequencies electromagnetic noise within its coverage range. The high frequency electromagnetic noise can be measured in microwatts (unit of power density)

emGuarde covers a range of 4 meters radius or 8 meters diameter


0.5 watts

With proper care, minimum 5 years

1 year manufacturer warranty

Avoid placing emGuarde near electronics, aluminium & mirror, or directly on the floor to minimize electrostatic interference

Not advisable, because different power bank have different quality, the inconsistency power output might affect the coverage range of emGuarde.

Yes, provided the user is using the correct adaptor specification (single output 5V 2A-6A)

Anything in excess is bad. Although emGuarde eliminates frequencies below 1GHz effectively; there are other harmful elements for example, mobile games addiction, the blue light emitted from electronic gadgets with screens may cause eye problems and insomnia etc.

Because Wi-Fi signals is using a higher frequency bandwidth at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. emGuarde is not built to disturb or jam any communication signal.

Because electromagnetic radiation frequencies below 1GHz potentially have more adverse effect on microcirculation due to resonance factors

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