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Financing Available for Users in Malaysia & Singapore, Available to ship internationally at buyer’s cost.

L-acoustics ARCS II Loudspeaker

$3,542.00 USD

  • 2-way active WST speaker
  • Units are in good condition
  • It comes with Grill Cover and Dolly
  • Year of manufacture is 2014/2015

Availability: 8 in stock

Terms & Conditions Apply

warranty2 days
age (years)7-9

The ARCS II enclosure contains a 15 '' LF neodymium speaker mounted in a bass-reflex cabinet, and a 3 '' HF neodymium compression driver coupled to a DOSC® one guide. The ARCS II is based on an active 2-way architecture with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms for each of the sections, HF and LF. The joinery of the ARCS II is in first-class Baltic birch plywood, with remarkable mechanical and acoustic properties. The ARCS II loudspeaker operates on the 50 Hz – 20 kHz frequency band. This response can be extended up to 25 Hz with the reinforcement of the SB28 subwoofer. The DOSC® waveguide generates a directivity of 22.5 ° symmetrical x 60 ° asymmetrical (-20 ° / + 40 °). These values correspond to the horizontal x vertical coverage angles for an upright speaker, or the vertical x horizontal coverage angles for a radial enclosure. The ARCS II rigging system allows you to build speaker lines with constant curvature, horizontally or vertically. The DOSC waveguide, effective in the HF region, makes it possible to assemble the speakers while ensuring a perfect acoustic coupling between the elements. The criteria of the WST® (Wavefront Sculpture Technology) are thus respected, so that such an assembly can be qualified as a true source line. An ARCS II source line produces a smooth frequency response and sidelobe-free coverage over the entire frequency range. The ARCS II loudspeaker is exclusively driven and bi-amplified by the L-ACOUSTICS ® LA8 controller. This ensures linearization, intelligent protection, and optimization of the electro-acoustic system. With a single preset designed to operate in the various operating modes of the ARCS II, the acoustic performance of the system depends solely on the physical configuration chosen for the speaker assembly.

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