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Shure Microphone Clearance Package

$8,500.00 USD

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If you know microphones, then you know Shure. They're definitely leaders in the field, with a history of building some of the most sought-after mics around. Of course, it takes more than a microphone alone to put together a full stage setup. To make it a little easier to get started, bundled sets like these Shure microphone packages are a big help. Whether you're looking for a multi-mic kit or simply a Shure mic that includes its own stand and cable, there are some fantastic options to get you up and running.One of the most recognizable Shure microphones is the SM58, and you'll find it well-represented here. Its focus on the mid-high-end makes it a perfect microphone for vocals, and it's well-built enough to survive lengthy tours, mic drops and anything else a musician would routinely put it through. With a package, you can order one or more SM58s together with stands and cables, so you can equip the stage whether you're a full band or solo performer.There are lots of other excellent choices in the Shure lineup, too. Microphones like the PG48, SM57 and Beta 58A have the same tough DNA as the original SM58; the biggest differences are the intended uses. For instance, the PG48 is a vocal-specialized mic designed to bring great performance to musicians with tight budgets. The SM57, on the other hand, is an instrument microphone with a wider focus in its frequency response than the vocal-oriented models. They're all available in bundles, of course; and you can even get the SM57 packaged together with the SM58 if you want the freedom to record your vocals and instrument together with purpose-built mics.Rounding out the selection of Shure microphone packages are drum mic kits. Some of these, like the DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit, leave you free to pick and choose your own stands separately. Others, like the PGDMK6 Drum Mic Package, come complete with full stands and cables, so you can get set up completely from scratch. The decision as to what level of included hardware you need is totally up to you.For any choice you make out of Shure's offerings, the one thing that's always the same is their quality. These are microphones that are built to perform, and having the opportunity to get them in a bundle is just icing on the cake. When you want to put together a high-performance stage setup as fast as possible, a Shure microphone package is simply a no-brainer.

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