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Financing Available for Users in Malaysia & Singapore, Available to ship internationally at buyer’s cost.

Clearcom Tempest Wireless Intercom Set

$5,500.00 USD

The unit is in Good Condition

  • 1x Master Station
  • 1x Charger
  • 4x Wireless Belt pack + Headset
  • 1x Antenna Distribution, Including flight case.

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warranty2 Days
age (years)N/A

Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a Vitec Group brand, is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of its new two-channel Tempest wireless intercom system, the most recent addition to the company’s acclaimed Tempest®2400 2.4 GHz wireless intercom family. The two-channel system is an affordable option for those requiring fewer channels of communications but still offers the same license-free operation, exceptional RF performance and rich feature set as the four-channel Tempest2400.As with all members of the Tempest family, the two-channel Tempest2400 utilizes a patented Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum RF scheme that not only avoids the need for licensing and frequency coordination, but makes it fundamentally resistant to interference from other wireless devices. This ensures that no matter how crowded the RF environment, communications will go off without a hitch. In addition, once registered to a base station, a beltstation needs no further configuration and roams freely within a single coverage area.

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